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Providing easy organization and access for small business, mid market and enterprise companies in Canada.

In today’s business world, many organizations have cut back on IT staff in an attempt to save money. This leaves little time for IT managers and staff to worry about managing license agreements and license renewals.

Microsoft licensing gives organizations the opportunity to use and distribute a wide-range of Microsoft products. However, volume licensing makes it convenient and more affordable to run a variety of software, hardware and services with an organization.

Microsoft has a variety of licensing solutions to customize to the specific size and type of organization. When selecting the best licensing solution for your organization, Microsoft recommends understanding the major factors associated with Volume Licensing policies and programs. The three main factors to consider are as follows: size and type of your organization, products you want to license and the way in which you want to use those products.

Our company, Broadview Networks specializes in the selection, implementation and support of Microsoft Licensing to solve the needs of small, medium and enterprise sized businesses in Canada.

Broadview will assist your organization in managing and organizing your license renewals. The Broadview Renewal System provides license tracking and renewal notification prior to license expiration.  This ensures that organizations receive sufficient notice and can renew licenses in advance.  The Broadview Renewal System is provided FREE to all of our clients.

Broadview has also developed an on-line License Tracker that helps to consolidate all licenses in a simple and effective manner. The consolidated licenses can be accessed and viewed on-line. In addition to providing simple access and organization for customers, it allows Broadview’s Technicians to efficiently access product keys while performing implementations.

With a customizable platform and price advantages for volume purchasing, Open programs provide a simple, cost effective way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. Broadview offers an easy way for organizations to track and organize licenses while reducing potential compliancy issues.  There are three different programs that Broadview offers. 

The open value license is ideal for organizations that want to adapt their platform and their IT structure to be customized in accordance with their organization while maximizing their investment with Software Assurance.  Broadview typically recommends this type of license for small and midsize organizations.

Broadview can offer small and mid-sized organizations reduced up-front costs with an open value subscription license. With open value subscription, Broadview can increase or decrease the license count on an annual basis to accommodate changes in desktop PC count. A subscription license is based on a pay-as-you-go model.

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