Dell EMC Servers

Broadview Networks has a deep commitment to server expertise within Dell EMC’s award-winning line of PowerEdge blade, rack and tower servers. Partner focusing on Dell Servers through the Platinum Partner levels form the basis for server solution deployments.

Upgrading your server infrastructure on a regular schedule improves relative performance, consolidation, management efficiency, and reliability. The benefits of upgrading server infrastructure on a regular refresh cycle far outweigh the risk.

5 reason why it’s time to upgrade your servers:

1. Relative server performance declines over time as costs increase

On average, server performance erodes by 14% annually. By the fifth year, a server has only 40% of the performance it had when it was new. Lower performance and higher failure rates increase unplanned downtime by 20% annually. At the same time, higher maintenance costs require additional investment in aging systems.

2. Modern features enhance asset management

As businesses scale quickly, modern management tools allow better workload tracking and performance analysis. Upgraded servers have the latest firmware and patching updates, keeping devices secure and in compliance with enterprise and government specifications.

3. Optimized systems accelerate performance

Modern servers improve the capability for higher virtual machine density and larger virtual machines. This allows high-end business applications to migrate and run in a virtualized environment. Fewer, more powerful systems can also reduce energy and cooling costs, data center space requirements, maintenance time and licensing costs.

4. Predictive diagnostics improve reliability

Continued usage beyond the optimal life span of servers often causes unplanned downtime due to mechanical components and software aging. Newer systems come with predictive capabilities that warn of incompatibility issues or imminent failures. Automatic notification and proactive support improve reliability, adhering to uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

5. Soon-to-expire service warranties

Following the average server life cycle, service contracts typically expire after three to five years. More frequent failures result in higher labor costs, and replacement parts are expensive and hard to find. Altogether, buying a new server is often more economical than extending the service contract on a legacy system.

The industry is going through an era of digital transformation, maintaining a modernized infrastructure enables IT to remain agile in the face of change and drive the business to successful outcomes.

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Fuel IT innovation with All-Flash

Flash is the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, speed and efficiency. Adopting All-Flash technology is key to keeping pace with and exceeding customer demands in today’s digital world. Achieve new levels of success with the broadest solutions enhanced with feature-rich architectures and software to meet the specific need of your dynamic IT environment.

Please find below five ways All-Flash storage can modernize your data center and accelerate your IT transformation:

1. Faster performance

Ensure consistently fast response times for mission-critical applications with 3x faster performance,1 ultra-low latency2 and sub-millisecond response times.3

2. Higher availability

Maintain seamless operations with up to 99.9999% always-on availability4 and 24×7 VDI uptime.

3. Massive scalability

One size does not fit all. Choose where you want to start, from entry-level to enterprise, and grow from there. Scale up to 4PB with response times under 500 microseconds.5

4. Low TCO and fast ROI

Keep IT expenses under control by reducing costs up to 80% over three years,6 along with 5.8x lower storage admin costs7 and up to 50% lower CAPEX/OPEX.8 Lower your power, space and cooling requirements while storing 6x more data than traditional disk-based storage systems.

5. Easier deployment and management

Manage storage up to 8x faster9 in a fully integrated and optimized All-Flash converged infrastructure. Run backups 50% faster.

Be a Flash innovator with All-Fash!

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Expand your Skillset through Commvault’s Certification Programs!

Commvault’s Certification Program validates expertise and advanced knowledge in topics including Commvault Core Fundamentals, Implementation and Maintenance, and more advanced Specialist, Engineer and Master technologies.  Certification is a valuable investment for both a company and the IT professional as a verified proof of expertise.  Certified personnel can increase a company’s productivity, reduce operating costs and increase potential for personal career advancement.

Commvault’s Certification Program offers Professional-level, Specialist-level, Engineer-level, and Master-level certifications.  This Program provides certification based on a career path, and enables advancement based on an individual’s previous experience and desired area of focus.

Training Units

You can purchase and redeem Commvault® Systems Training Units through Broadview Networks. Training Units are an easy purchase option that enable a single transaction, ensure access to courses and learning adapted to the needs of your business for twelve-months from the purchase date of the training unit.

Benefits include:

  • Easy, up-front budgeting and avoid the allocation of training funds on an ad hoc basis;
  • Reduce expenses and streamline procurement with a single budget and purchase order;
  • Utilize flexibility of a 12-month period to have continuous training for current or new staff; and
  • Develop a highly Commvault-trained, satisfied, and motivated IT staff.

Get started today with Professional-level Classes at Broadview Networks!

Core Fundamentals (3 days)

Course Date:  May 1-3, 2017

Discover the essential concepts, details, and best practices for user security and management, media and library management, policy configuration and retention, as well as job activity and status monitoring.  This 3-day course provides an efficient and effective way to manage data movement, such as backup, archive, auxiliary copy, and restore, within a CommCell® group. Achieve a core understanding of Commvault’s data and information management system and learn about the new feature enhancements to the next generation of Commvault® software.

Together with the course confirmation each student will be assigned 90-days access to the Help Desk Operator eLearning and a free-of-charge opportunity for the Core Fundamentals Certification Exam.

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Implementation and Maintenance (2 days)

Course Date:  May 4-5, 2017

Advance your Commvault® expertise with a review of the next generation feature enhancements to Commvault® software.  Sharpen your expertise with a technical overview of architectural considerations, resource planning requirements, and installation options for deploying Commvault® software.  This 2-day course provides configuration best practices and performance-enhancement techniques, as well as troubleshooting tools and processes that can help identify causes of and solutions for common problems.  This course can be delivered in combination with our 3-day Core Fundamentals course.

Completion of this course helps you prepare for the Commvault Certified Professional Certification. The Implementation and Maintenance exam is included free of charge as a part of the Implementation and Maintenance instructor-led course registration.

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In today’s economy, the more you know, the more valuable you are!  Proving your knowledge through certification can help set you apart from the competition.  Our Broadview Networks experienced staff can help answer questions you may have about classes and the vendor certification programs we offer.

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Training & Skills Development

Azure training is an investment in your awesomeness

Do more with less, said everyone always. But still be innovative, flexible, and prepared for anything. And do it quickly and securely. Seems like a lot to ask. The good news is that with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, it’s really not—at least, not as long as you know how to make the most of it. Enter Microsoft Learning Partners.

We’re talking about training, but not just any training. It’s more of a get-ready-to-be-seriously-awesome-at-this kind of training. That’s because only Microsoft Learning Partners can teach official Microsoft courseware, which, by the way, is developed by the product designers. And these instructors are amazing at what they do, to help you be even more amazing at what you do.

It’s true what they say: You get what you pay for. Or, even better, you get what your company pays for. Training like this comes at a premium because it empowers next-level performance. What company doesn’t want that? All you need to do is ask the question: Do you want to get the most out of your IT investment?

If the answer is yes, and we’re willing to bet it will be, just find a Microsoft Learning Partner near you and enroll in Azure training.

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The sky’s the limit with Microsoft Office 365 training

So your company upgraded to Office 365 and now you have this amazing new technology at your fingertips. You’ve discovered the life-changing benefits of team collaboration; you’re switching from laptop to phone, and from phone to tablet, and back to laptop again without missing a beat; you’re having virtual meetings in your PJs; your team is innovating like you never thought possible; your getting way more done in way less time; and you’re sleeping better than you have in years.

Or at least that’s what was supposed to happen, right? But the problem is, you just don’t know enough about Office 365 to tap all of its capabilities. At least not yet. You need the skills. The knowledge. The chops. And you’re not alone.

That’s where Microsoft Learning Partners come in. If you’re not familiar with Learning Partners, here’s the scoop: they’re the only training providers that teach Microsoft’s own courseware, developed by the product designers themselves, and taught by certified expert instructors. These guys are the real deal, and you’ll leave their class an Office 365 savant.

But world-class training isn’t cheap. So how do you get trained without having to shell out your own hard-earned cash? Simple—ask your boss to pay for it. Here’s the deal: If your company has made the upgrade to Office 365, they’re looking for the biggest possible return on that investment. The only way that’s going to happen is if you have the skills necessary to get the most of Office 365. That’s a straightforward, convincing ROI argument that any manager will seriously consider.

So let’s get this done. Ask your manager to sponsor your training in either or both of these courses:

  • Course 20346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Services
  • Course 10968 Designing for Office 365 Infrastructure

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Featured Course: ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification

IT organizations have been challenged to improve business processes in order to reduce costs and provide more consistent service.

The ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) series are important components of improved business processes by providing a framework of best practice guidelines and approaches intended to facilitate the delivery of high quality information technology services.

What is ITIL® Certification?

ITIL outlines an extensive set of management procedures that are intended to support businesses in achieving quality in IT operations.  The procedures are supplier independent and have been developed to provide guidance across IT infrastructure, development and operations.

The Key Benefits of ITIL®

Adopting and adapting ITIL according to each organization’s specific requirements enables service providers, regardless of type, size or location, to support business outcomes; enable business change; optimize customer experience; manage risk in line with business needs; show value for money and continually improve.  For the service management professional, there are many benefits of taking the ITIL® journey, attending training and taking exams.  For example, you can learn how to apply ITIL® tools, techniques and concepts to improve your efficiency and effectiveness; identify and focus on the highest value activities to help the organization, improve communication by encouraging the use of common terminology, gain confidence for your plans from best practice and help to make the change happen.

ITIL® Foundations Certification – March 21-23, 2017

All Certification programs begin with ITIL Foundations. The Foundations Certificate enables people to understand the terminology used within ITIL.  It focuses upon foundation knowledge with regard to the ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery sets, as well as covering generic ITIL philosophy and its background.

From there, there are two tracks:

Service Lifecycle track – Focus is on the different aspects of the Lifecycle.

Service Capability track – Focus is on the different job role clusters across the Lifecycle.
You can get in-person, hands-on, Instructor-led training for ITIL at Broadview Networks Training Centre.

ITIL 2011 Foundation Certification (3 days)

Course date:  March 21-23, 2017

Course fee:  $2,250 plus 5% GST

This course is accredited by ACQUIROS and PEOPLECERT.

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Training & Skills Development

Broadview Networks & Quint Solutions eLearning

Broadview Networks, in partnership with Quint Solutions now offers a full suite of courses in eLearning self-paced format.  This will help you manage your time commitments and fit learning into your schedule.

Several hot certification topics include:

Big Data Certification

The Big Data Certification Kit is the most complete guide for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Big Data and its practical application in an IT and Non-IT environment.  Get certified and boost your career with this complete Big Data eLearning course and PDF textbook for additional study.  This certification kit would be beneficial to recent graduates looking to get a foothold in the IT Industry, IT managers looking to better manage data analysis, businesses looking to organize and analyze large amounts of vital data in order to improve business insights, managers wanting to reach business goals and improve agility, and IT professionals looking to implement new data analysis tools. The Big Data Certification Kit contains a study guide eBook and online course, and is delivered to you via our eLearning portal, giving you the freedom to access it anytime, whether at home or in the office.

DevOps Certification

Get a head start in your IT career and jump into the latest software development method known as DevOps.  Discover the way in which DevOps focuses on collaboration, communication, and integration between software development and other IT operations in order to assist organizations to rapidly develop their software products and services.  Become a valued member of your organization by learning the benefits and advantages of implementing DevOps.  This certification validates that you know specific methods, models, and/or tools.  This is essential to professionals in order to be updated on the latest IT trends, and to add to their DevOps toolbox. The industry is facing a bold, new world with the amazing developments of DevOps, and the challenges and the opportunities this presents are unprecedented.  The DevOps Complete Certification Kit serves as a complete introductory guide for anyone looking to grasp a better understanding of DevOps concepts and their practical application in any environment.

COBIT® 5 Foundation

This CBT in IT Governance Foundation is an AMPG officially accredited course, which can be used to study for and pass the COBIT® 5 Foundation exam.  COBIT® 5 provides a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing risk levels and resource use.  COBIT® 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise, taking in the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility, considering the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders.  COBIT® 5 has been found highly useful for organizations to help them achieve strategic goals through effective and innovative use of IT; while managing risks and costs at an acceptable level and Support compliance.  The eLearning CBT consists of easy-to-follow modules covering the terminology, structure, concepts and value of COBIT® 5 and preparation for the COBIT® 5 exam.  Students who complete this Computer Based course, along with some self-study, shall be suitably prepared to take the associated COBIT® 5 Foundation exam.  Along with this course, the COBIT® 5 Foundation certificate is a requirement for additional COBIT® 5 training, including the COBIT® 5 Implementation Course and Assessor Program.

PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects.  PRINCE2® is recognized as a world-class international product and is the defacto standard method for project management throughout the world.  The PRINCE2® method is in the public domain, offering nonproprietary, best practice guidance on project management.

The PRINCE2® Foundation course will provide delegates with a detailed knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology including the seven processes, seven themes and seven principles central to running a project using the PRINCE2® method.  The successful completion of the Foundation exam will give the delegate a recognised Foundation qualification.  The Foundation level measures whether a delegate would be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2® method within a project environment supporting PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2® Practitioner

PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects.  PRINCE2® is recognized as a world-class international product and is the defacto standard method for project management throughout the world.  The PRINCE2® method is in the public domain, offering nonproprietary, best practice guidance on project management.

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Training & Skills Development

Broadview Gives Back!

We support initiatives that are aligned with our core values: service excellence, sustainability, unity and balance that define our workplace culture. Broadview’s Unity corporate value focuses on staff morale and relationships with the local community. The company hosts many team building events for employees and also encourages them to get involved with local charities. Suggestions often come from staff and Broadview supports volunteering as well as fundraising.

Every year Broadview Networks helps numerous charities. Notable campaigns include fundraisers for heart and stroke, breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness.

Broadview sponsors a breakfast program at a local middle school called Toasty Tuesday and provides the toasters, bread, margarine and jam for the school’s weekly program. Regularly, a group of employees takes part and participate in the Toasty Tuesday Breakfast at the school. This super initiative is focused on helping at-risk students in the community to make sure they are getting their day started off with good breakfast.

Broadview is also a sponsor of Manitoba’s Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up program and staff help twice a year with cleaning up a six-km stretch of the local highway.

Broadview is also an Official Sponsor of the 2017 Canada Summer Games, Broadview and its employees are glad to promote the passion of amateur sports.

During Christmas time Broadview prepares a Hamper for a needy family. In the hamper, Broadview collects food, toys, and turkey. During spring and fall, Broadview Networks holds a hamper that goes to the Winnipeg Humane Society to help some furry friends with some toys, food, and treats.

Broadview Networks has built a close relationship with the local community and is committed to giving back through various initiatives. Our company contributes to charitable initiatives, our employees make the difference with their time and participation, and together we make a positive impact in the community. Broadview Networks Gives Back!

Broadview Gives Back

Top Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Services

Broadview Networks can help your company to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of IT while improving operational efficiencies and maximizing your return on IT investments. Our IT Managed Services offer a CompleteView solution for Small Medium Businesses and an IT Assist solution for larger organizations.

Typically, businesses outsource IT to ensure all their business system, operation, and network remain up and running. Broadview Networks as a Managed Service provider take a proactive approach to creating a plan to ensure your technology needs are not only met but exceeded.

Nowadays, many organizations choose to work with IT providers because they have expertise including desktop and server management software, backup disaster recovery, storage management tools, security software, and more.

Working with an IT provider allows your organization to relieve of tasks that are difficult or more time-consuming. For instance, Managed Services providers play an important role in helping companies leverage new technologies without straining their budgets or losing focus on their core business.

As Broadview Networks, we have the resources and flexibility to get projects off the ground which might take weeks or months in-house. Implementing new technology without the required tools can be complicated and time-consuming.

Common benefits when your company outsources IT services:

  • More satisfied employees due to fewer IT issues.
  • Reduced risk of business downtime due to network issues.
  • Peace of mind knowing IT environment is monitored.
  • More time for you due to spending less time dealing with issues.

Get your business strategy underway with Broadview Networks.

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How effective is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Businesses of all size rely on information technology as a crucial component on their day-to-day. Your business runs 365 days, your system runs 24/7, and your data availability is needed in real time.

Disasters affect everything which includes lost data, damaged equipment, disrupted processes, damaged client relationships and reputation, and wasted resources managing the damage.

The most frequent and common causes of disaster that can disrupt business continuity are primarily systems disasters by out-of-date software, contaminated or inoperable network, malware, or denial of service. Another often cause can be aimed by an unintentional human error which can lead to catastrophic data loss. Not only that, power outages or natural disasters, due to a global climate change, natural disaster occurrences have increased and intensified.

Broadview Networks will provide you with the products and overall solution to facilitate the initiation and completion of an effective disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery involves backup, risk management/risk assessment, to name a few. Disaster recovery is the ability to efficiently and effectively recover and restore your network or system from potential data-loss while seamlessly resolving downtime.

Businesses with a disaster recovery plan show increased savings, enhanced system reliability, improved security, and responded quicker to unplanned incidents. All of this even without a disaster!

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