Flash Feature Focus: Lenovo’s System x

Lenovo’s enterprise line-up was extended this year with System x. Do you know how it can add value to your business?

As a Lenovo Business Partner, Broadview Networks can help you understand how Lenovo products can help your organization. Call (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


Flash Feature Focus: Dell XPS 13 Beats Apple, Acer, Asus in the Race for Best 2015 Notebook

It’s official! The Dell XPS 13 has beaten the MacBook, Acer Predator, and Asus UX305CA  in Digital Trends’ Best Products of 2015: Computing category.

Read all about why the XPS 13 was chosen here.

Interested in other Dell products? Broadview Networks is a Dell Premier Partner. We can help you find the device that will add the most value to your organization. Call us at (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


IT Pro Tip: Microsoft Licensing

As an IT professional, you should be versed in Microsoft licensing and all the ways it can benefit your company. Need a little refresher? See below for an overview of what you should know as an IT Pro.

At Broadview Networks, we’re Microsoft licensing specialists. Give us a call at (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca, to find out more about which licensing solutions is best for you.


Flash Feature Focus: Two Hardware Services You Should Know About

On Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Been thinking about a Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Check out this review and find out all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

On Complete View Hardware

Running an SMB? With Broadview Networks’ Complete View, you can get your hardware for a low monthly cost instead of a large, upfront fee.

Want to know more? We have information on all your hardware needs. Call (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


IT Announcement: Get the Training You Need, No Missed Work Required

You can now train with Broadview Networks outside of your traditional office hours as you prepare for Microsoft Certification.  Our After-hours classes are held on Saturdays and a combination of week nights and includes hands-on, Instructor-led courses, with additional lab time, exam vouchers and more.

Windows Server & Active Directory

20410 AFTER HOURS: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 $2,795 Mar 05-19 (Mar 5, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 19)
20411 AFTER HOURS: Administering Windows Server 2012 (5 days) $ 2,795 Apr 09 – 23 (Apr 9, 12, 13, 14, 16 & 23)
20412 AFTER HOURS: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (5 days) $ 2,795 May 07-21 (May 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 & 21)
MCSA MCSA Windows Server Certification After-House Program (Courses 20410; 411 & 412 Combination of weeknight & Saturday classes over a 3 month period) $8,000 Mar 05-19; Apr 09-23; May 07-21
20346D AFTER HOURS: Managing Office 365 Identities & Services (5 days) $ 2,795 Jan 09-23 (Jan 9, 13, 15, 16, 20 & 23)
SQL Server
20461 AFTER HOURS: Querying SQL Server $ 2,795 Mar 05-19 (Mar 5, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 19)
20462 AFTER HOURS: Administering SQL Server Databases $ 2,795 Apr 09-23 (Apr 9, 12, 13, 14, 16 & 23)
20463 AFTER HOURS: Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server (5 days) $ 2,795 May 07-21 (May 7, 10, 11, 12 14 & 21)

We also have other Course titles to include Microsoft Excel.

S151en AFTER HOURS: Excel 2013/2010 Level 1 $340 Jan 09 • 23 • Feb 06 • 20 • Mar 05 • 19 • Apr 02 • 16 • 30
S152en AFTER HOURS: Excel 2013/2010 Level 2 $ 340 Dec 19 • Jan 09 • 23 • Feb 06 • 20 • Mar 05 • 19 • Apr 02
S153en AFTER HOURS: Excel 2013/2010 Level 3 Spreadsheet Analysis $ 340 Jan 09 • 23 • Feb 06 • 20 • Mar 05 • 19 • Apr 02 • 16 • 30

To View all of the After-Hours classes, please visit our current Training Catalog.


IT Pro Tip: Setting up the IBM Storwize V7000

Ever wonder what goes into setting up the IBM Storwize V7000? You should. Having a basic understanding of IT principles can help you communicate with your IT team (internally and/or externally) and ensure installation and testing processes run as smoothly as possible.

For more information, call (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


IT Tip: Three Things to Consider About Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way computer systems operate in business environments. Gone are the days of one-server-for-one-workload. Cloud economics, from server cost to scalability, from lifespan to security, are making migration of workloads across servers, both internally and across data centers, a reality to be seriously considered as a value-adding system.

When thinking about virtualization and how it can aid your business, consider these three things.

1. Be proactive, not reactive

It’s always easier to provision a new VM than to rebuild a physical piece of hardware. Between data centers and the cloud, virtualizing can be a part of your backup and data recovery plan. Instead of reacting to disaster, you can proactively create backups and copy virtual workloads.

2. Plan for growth

You’re always looking ahead and setting goals for your business; when planning to integrate virtualization, be sure to keep long-term plans in mind. Plan to have the resources in place to accommodate extra users and capacity down the line.

3. Test and maintain

Remember, the value virtualization adds can be immense, but there’s still work to be done in managing the data center. Testing and maintenance should still be prioritized to be sure all systems are healthy, functioning, and optimized.

To learn more about virtualization services from Broadview Networks, call (204) 984-9897 or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


Feature Focus: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Series

software-defined infrastructure is vital to businesses that need the integration, automation and simplicity required to run and grow, quickly and efficiently. The Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series of Hitachi storage systems lets you deliver maximum agility in your infrastructure, while eliminating complexity.


IT Tip: Free Microsoft Exam Voucher!

After training at Broadview Networks, consider taking a Microsoft Certification Exam.  Microsoft Certifications validate your skills on Microsoft Technologies and can help differentiate you when finding a job or boosting your career.  In fact, independent research by IDC concluded that 75% of managers believe certifications are important to team performance.  Ask the Broadview Networks Learning Team about Microsoft exam promotions and discounts that may be available to you.

Promotion:  Get a Free Exam Voucher

Now is your chance to get a Free Microsoft Exam Voucher (a $150US value) and with Second Shot when you attend a Microsoft Authorized class that is part of a MCSA, MCSE or MCSD certification track at Broadview Networks Learning Centre.

The Voucher is good for one (1) Microsoft MCP level exam.  You must call to Register for a qualified class AND mention this offer at the time of course registration.

Many of the courses that qualify for the free exam voucher promotion are in our upcoming January and February schedule of classes (confirmed to run) listed below:

20346:  Managing Office 365 Identities and Services – After-Hours Combination of weekday, weeknight and Saturday classes – start date:  January 9, 2016

20697-2:  Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services – start dates:  January 18 and February 15

Practice Tests:

We have practice tests for purchase at the time of course registration.  These are self-study tools that prepare candidates before taking a Microsoft exam. Practice tests are written by subject matter experts and ensure that all objectives of the exam are covered in depth. Features include:

  • Questions are similar to exam questions so you test your knowledge of exam objectives.
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and distractor answers reinforce the material.
  • Study Mode covers all objectives ensuring topics are covered.
  • Certification Mode (timed) prepares students for exam taking conditions.
  • Instant, drill-down score reports tell you exactly the areas to focus on.
  • (When applicable) Online performance-based simulations that give hands-on work environment experience.

*Online Proctoring:

Online proctored (OP) delivery allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office, often within 15 minutes of registering, while being monitored by an offsite proctor. Online proctored delivery has very specific technical, system, environment, and testing protocol requirements, which you must review and accept before you can register.

We wish you a great learning experience and ongoing success in your career! For more information, call our Training Coordinator Deb Perreault at (204) 984-9897 or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.


Feature Focus: Which FortiVoice solution is right for you?

Choosing the right phone system for your business can be instrumental in building value. If you’re not sure where to start, this quick guide can give you a jumping-off point.

Want to know more? Broadview Networks can help. Call (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.