Flash Feature Focus: How does workplace skills training provide value?

When it comes to training for employees, many tend to think in terms of specific technology: a new piece of hardware or software imperative to the performance of the job and overall business value. While this type of training is important, boosting other important workplace skills can bolster the bottom line just as much.

Employees are increasingly expected to have strong skills in areas such as numeracy, literacy, interpersonal skills, etc. Investment and support from companies ensures employee skills are where they need to be to do the absolute best job they can.

Workplace Skills and Return on Investment

It’s wonderful to support and encourage employees, but not at the cost of positive ROI. A 2014 study found an average 25 per cent return on investment for training programs. Some companies who participated reported returns of 300 per cent.

From customer satisfaction to productivity gains and quality assurance, training employees on more than technical skills adds value and opportunity. What’s more, in 2013, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found literacy scores significantly below average, and numeracy skills just at average, which can diminish business value if not addressed.

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