IT Tip: Three Things to Consider About Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way computer systems operate in business environments. Gone are the days of one-server-for-one-workload. Cloud economics, from server cost to scalability, from lifespan to security, are making migration of workloads across servers, both internally and across data centers, a reality to be seriously considered as a value-adding system.

When thinking about virtualization and how it can aid your business, consider these three things.

1. Be proactive, not reactive

It’s always easier to provision a new VM than to rebuild a physical piece of hardware. Between data centers and the cloud, virtualizing can be a part of your backup and data recovery plan. Instead of reacting to disaster, you can proactively create backups and copy virtual workloads.

2. Plan for growth

You’re always looking ahead and setting goals for your business; when planning to integrate virtualization, be sure to keep long-term plans in mind. Plan to have the resources in place to accommodate extra users and capacity down the line.

3. Test and maintain

Remember, the value virtualization adds can be immense, but there’s still work to be done in managing the data center. Testing and maintenance should still be prioritized to be sure all systems are healthy, functioning, and optimized.

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