Microsoft Learning Partner

Whether your organization wants to learn a new Microsoft technology, prepare for Microsoft Certification or increase your organizations overall skill set, Broadview Networks can help you achieve your training goals. This is because Broadview is a Certified Microsoft Learning Partner. If you need training on Microsoft technologies, always look for the official Microsoft Learning Partner logo.

As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Broadview is:

Credible, valuable, trustworthy- Microsoft requires that Broadview demonstrates expertise as leading providers of
comprehensive learning solutions on Microsoft technologies, resulting in customer satisfaction among individuals and companies
that use Broadview for training.

First to market with the latest Microsoft- approved course materials— Broadview provides the most comprehensive selection of learning solutions on Microsoft technologies.

Breadth of solutions- Broadview offers a breadth of solutions to suit your training needs, from classroom training to distance learning.


Improve efficiency and productivity- Broadview can help you get the most out of your organization’s technology investment;
your employees will gain a level of proficiency with Microsoft technologies in just one to five days.

Prepare for deployment- Research shows that 40 percent of operational downtime is due to operator error, attributable to a significant lack of training on core systems. Skilled training available through Broadview can help companies accelerate new Microsoft technology deployments and reduce downtime. You’ll get the most out of your technology investments without having to rely on consultants.

Employee development, recruiting, and retention- Training and certification are effective methods for measuring how well team members can work with specific technologies, hardware, and software.

Software Assurance- Broadview can offer clients free IT training from Microsoft and access to E-Learning, a series of interactive online training tools for users. This training can only be taken at a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions like Broadview Networks.

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