Meet 10 Lean and Green Solution Providers

Broadview Networks was highlighted as a “green solution provider” in an article writen by Lawrence Cummer and featured on

Some of the loud buzz around environmental sustainability of the last decade has died down, but its importance for many customers remains. Being “green” has also continued to evolve-with many saying IT can play a major role. In the wake of recession, customers are now looking for solution providers who can help them be more efficient and save money, while simultaneously cutting carbon, reducing wasteful manufacturing and landfill.

CDN once again honours our pick of 10 solution providers working hard to meet that challenge and bring to their customers the benefits of being lean and green.

At the heart of Broadview Networks’ green efforts is an efficient data centre and focus on environmentally sound partners.

“We try to find good technologies or partners that are offering green IT solutions,” says Michael Orloff, president of the Winnipeg-based IT consulting firm. Broadview recently partnered with GreenBytes to offer its energy-efficient storage technology, and Orloff calls Dell a major significant because of its product’s energy-efficient properties.

As well as using virtualization to reduce energy consumption in its own data centre, Broadview is embracing the cloud to reduce redundant on-premise equipment, and working to reduce waste through measures like paperless invoicing, online documentation and electronic payment of vendors. Orloff notes that to promote environmentally-friendly operations with its customers started by righting its own ship.

While green IT isn’t at the crux of most sales, it’s something Orloff is proud of.

“It’s not a huge differentiator, but it’s something we promote and it’s a great value add. Sometimes it saves the customer money, sometimes it doesn’t, but most of the customers we deal with going green is on their mind too.”

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