What’s our Power BI training all about?

Data Analytics is one of the hottest fields in the software industry today and Microsoft’s Power BI platform is really starting to pick up momentum with customer adoption.  Broadview Networks Training Centre has been offering Analyzing Data with Power BI for a year now and we have already assisted many business users, business analysts and data professionals get up to speed on creating data analytics and reporting solutions with Power BI Desktop.  Moving ahead in 2017, Broadview Networks is developing custom courses for our clients based on their data and now offering a second, more advanced course topic Managing SQL Business Intelligence Solutions which has been designed for data professionals who manage Business Intelligence (BI) operations.

If you have interest in data and turning it into information, then you’ll be an absolute fan of Power BI.  And if you want to share in some of the data fun, by creating visualizations and asking your own questions, it’s all part of the learning journey.  So spend a little time learning about what’s possible and make Broadview Networks your go-to place for Power BI training!

Analyzing Data with Power BI (2 days #10989)

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to analyze data with Power BI.  This is a Microsoft-developed and authorized course, organizations can use Software Assurance Vouchers for payment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key features of a self-service BI Solution
  • Power BI and its data sources
  • Model, shape and combine data
  • Describe Power BI data visualizations

When and where to get it:

The course date is: March 7-8, 2017

Course location: Unit #1 – 1530 Taylor Avenue

Sign up online here

Managing SQL Business Intelligence Solutions (3 days #10988)

This three-day instructor-led course is aimed at database professionals who manage Business Intelligence (BI) operations.  This course looks at various options that provide the ability for business users to analyze data and share their findings, starting with managed BI data sources and expanding to personal and external/public data sources.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key features of a self-service BI solution
  • Key capabilities of SQL Server BI in a SharePoint environment
  • Common Analysis Services operational tasks
  • PowerPivot for SharePoint server
  • Power Query
  • Windows Azure HDInsight

When and where to get it:

The course date is: March 13-15, 2017

Course location: Unit #1 – 1530 Taylor Avenue

Sign up online here

Training & Skills Development

Virtual Classroom Instruction

Are you looking for a learning opportunity that you can attend not only from Broadview Networks Training Centre - 1530 Taylor Ave, but also from work or home!?

Our Virtual Classroom Instruction gives you access to your training via an internet connection, and you can still receive your course from an instructor in real time!

We believe that the classroom is the centrepiece of a great learning experience. Virtual Classroom Instruction provides the same high-quality education, including live lectures, demonstrations and virtual labs, ready for you to get down to the business of learning.

Virtual Classroom training allows you to:

  • Participate in class discussions and ask questions in real time
  • View content and instructor presentations in real time
  • Perform virtual labs for hands-on experience having remote access to the client and server technologies via Broadview Networks’ Lab on Demand
  • Have the flexibility to access labs before and after actual class hours, for after-class support and to gain extra experience for exam study
  • Participate in discussions with your instructor and fellow students
  • Give your employees uniform training, even if you have a distributed workforce

Participants have equal instructor access.

On the day of class, we use conferencing technology to connect all of the students participating in that event. It is not uncommon to have 8 students participating from their home offices in 8 different cities with an instructor teaching from yet another location. Our instructors are very experienced at working with remote students. In almost all cases, there are no students in the same physical room as the instructor, giving everyone equal instructor access.

Small class size.

Our average class size is 8 students, and our maximum class size is 12. While the average class size is 8, we do also run many classes with enrolments significantly less than that.

Although our clients know that our classes can be taken from their home or office if they want, most students will choose to attend in-person at Broadview Networks, Unit 1-1530 Taylor Ave training location. That validates that clients do prefer classroom training.

Attending from your Home or Office.

If you’ve got a quite room with the computers and hands-free phone, then this could be a time and money-saving option – reducing travel costs by allowing you to learn from almost any location. Our Lab on Demand platform has minimal technical requirements and is easy to operate. We can send you the Connection Test to run from the computers you’ll be using to be sure there won’t be access issues due to firewalls, etc.

There is no better way for us to show you the quality of our training than to try it yourself. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our classes. Whether you attend the training in-person with an instructor, remotely from your home or office, or even on the road! We can meet your learning needs!

Training & Skills Development

Mobile App Security: A Curriculum for Training Your Staff

Though most organizations have made rapid strides in securing their networks, many are still vulnerable to problems from the misuse of mobile applications.  As more employees are using their own devices for work, the potential for compromising security is increasing. There’s a shortage of developers with mobile app security skills. Organizations need to bring staff up to speed quickly in this vital function.

Broadview Networks Training Centre provides training for mobile app security in an Android environment for employees who are experienced with mobile app development but need additional training on developing secure apps that are hardened against attack. With this curriculum, the training can be covered in a three-day period!

  • Lesson 1: The Rationale for Android App Security
    This introductory lesson teaches learners the need for security; how to identify security requirements and expectations; how to include security in development processes; and how to identify a particular approach to risk management.
  • Lesson 2: Android Security Architecture
    Topics cover the strengths and weaknesses of the Android security architecture; the Android permissions model; and Android vulnerabilities.
  • Lesson 3: Employing Secure Mobile App Development Strategies
    This lesson’s topics include best practices in security, designing for security, and writing secure Java code.
  • Lesson 4: Accessing Local Processes and Devices Securely
    Training participants are taught how to select countermeasures for local threats and how to implement the secure access of local processes and hardware.
  • Lesson 5: Securing Data through Encryption
    This lesson teaches learners how to select countermeasures for threats to Cleartext data and the implementation of encryption.
  • Lesson 6: Accessing Local Storage Securely
    Learners are taught to identify countermeasures for local storage threats and to implement secure access of local storage.
  • Lesson 7: Communicating with Networks and Web Services Securely
    Topics cover identifying countermeasures for networking threats and implementing secure network communication.
  • Lesson 8: Using WebView Component Securely
    This lesson teaches learners how to identify countermeasures for WebView component threats and how to implement WebView security.
  • Lesson 9: Protecting Credentials in Storage and Transit
    Training participants learn to identify countermeasures for threats to credentials and to implement secure user authentication.
  • Lesson 10: Hardening Apps against Attack
    Topics include identifying countermeasures for reverse-engineering threats and hardening an app.

Though training departments must provide employees with increased skills in many different areas so they can remain competitive, it’s essential that training to protect the integrity of their information systems be made one of their highest priorities.

To Learn More and to Register:

Call Deb Perreault, Training Consultant at Broadview Networks

Telephone:  (204) 984-9897    OR     dperreault@broadviewnetworks.ca

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Use 2016 Budget Funds for 2017 Training and with Savings!

Do you have funds in your 2016 budget that need to be used up by December 31st?  Consider applying 2016 funds toward 2017 training.

You can purchase any one of our client value savings programs or Register for any 2017 class dates and request that we invoice you now – in 2016!

We know that it can be hard to find time for training at this time of year.  Rather than trying to cram year-end training into your busy schedule, why not consider our offers below.

We have savings plans for both individuals and companies!

Savings Plans for Individuals

For technical training, an individual can maximize their training dollars by purchasing our 15 Day Saver Voucher for $6,995 plus 5% GST.  Classes are hands-on, in-person Instructor-led.

Need Technical Training on a larger scale, say for a department, division or the entire company?  Setup a Client Value Savings Program to set a standard discount on classes for your entire company for 12 months.

Here’s how it works:

Determine which block of training will cover your needs:

Client Value Program Bronze:  $10,000

Client Value Program Silver:  $25,000

Client Value Program Gold:  $40,000

Client Value Program Platinum:  $50,000

Client Value Program Diamond:  $100,000

Purchase training credit and book the training, as you need it.


  • Client Value Programs must be pre-paid
  • Discounts vary depending on amount of pre-paid training credits purchased
  • The above Pricing doesn’t include 5% GST
  • Some terms and conditions apply – ie:  no discounts for some BVN Partner course offerings.
  • Plans are good for up to 12 months or funds exhausted.

To Learn more, call Deb Perreault at 204-984-9897!

Training & Skills Development

What is Crystal Reports and how can it benefit you?

Crystal Reports is the ultimate business intelligence application. Used to design and generate reports, Crystal Reports can work with a range of data sources, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access databases, Business Objects Enterprise and Local file system information.

Value of Learning Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports’ design interface allows users to construct reports with the support of visual-based data. It helps transform data into meaningful information and increase an organization’s competitiveness because it helps identify and reduce operational costs and puts focus on specific performance measures. Its dynamic and interactive content helps users make better decisions every day.

Upcoming courses:

Crystal Reports 2013 Designer 2 Workshop (2 days): November 24-25, 2016 This two-day workshop is designed to enhance your basic report writing skills and move you into creating more complex reports. Time will be spent walking you through the tips and tricks of advanced report writing along with a good amount of hands on practice. In addition, you will cover professional design, techniques, sub-reporting and advanced formulas. This course incorporates a number of hands on exercises that reinforce the learning process. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Designer 1 Workshop is strongly recommended.

Crystal Reports 2013 Designer 3 Workshop (2 days): January 10-11, 2017 This two-day workshop is designed to expand your working knowledge of Crystal Reports and move you into creating substantially more complex reports. Time will be spent walking you through the tips and tricks of advanced report writing along with a good amount of hands on practice. In addition, you will cover custom functions, advanced formulas and report efficiency techniques. This course incorporates a number of hands on exercises that reinforce the learning process. Prerequisite: Successful completing of the Designer 1 and 2 workshops is strongly recommended.

To register for classes, call Deb Perreault at 204-984-9897 or by email to: dperreault@broadviewnetworks.ca OR: simply click on the course title link above and Register Today!

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Cyber Security Professional Training

Cyber security professionals help prevent losses from cybercrime by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks. With so many security certifications available, it can be hard to know what security is the right fit for your current skills, your future goals and your own personal interests.

At Broadview Networks, we offer classes that help lead to certifications for CompTIA Security+, Microsoft MTA Security. But which one is right for you?

CompTIA Security+
If your job includes securing networks services, devices and traffic at an organization, the CompTIA Security+ might be a good fit for you. In Broadview Networks’ security+ course, you’ll build on your existing knowledge of security fundamentals, networks and organizational security. In addition, you’ll acquire specific skills required to implement security systems and services on any type of computer network.

Microsoft MTA Security
Of you’re an information security specialist hoping to learn and validate fundamental security concepts as well as a focus on security layers, authentication, authorization, and accounting, the Microsoft MTA security course with Broadview might be a good fit. Participants will become familiar with security policies, network security, and how to protect both a server and a client.

We also offer information security training from our vendor Digital Boundary Group

Hardening Windows Networks
October 18-21 2016 (CISSP accredited)

Whether you’re a long-time cyber security professional or newcomer who need a broader base of knowledge to become more specialized, Broadview Networks in partnership with Digital Boundary Group has a course for you!

Training & Skills Development

How do SA Training Vouchers work?

Broadview Networks can help you make the most of your Microsoft Software Assurance Membership and you can redeem your SA Vouchers with us for Microsoft IT Professional and developer training courses.

Broadview offers you the latest Microsoft Official instructor-led courses – giving you the competitive advantage you need.  Make sure you’re making the most of your Microsoft software, by taking advantage of the SA training offer.

How do SA Training Vouchers work? Businesses qualify for a certain number of free training days, based on the type and number of licenses purchased with Microsoft Software Assurance.

How to Activate, Create & Assign and Schedule Training

Here is a link to watch an informative Video demonstrating how to Activate, Create & Assign, and Schedule Training at:



Activate: You must go to Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center (“VLSC”) web site at: https://www.microsoft.com/licensing/servicecenter/default.aspx

to activate your organization’s SA training voucher benefit. The benefit only has to be activated one time, and the entire number of training days allotted to the organization will be activated for use.

Create & Assign: After activating the benefit, you can create and assign SA training vouchers to employees by entering the employee name, corporate e-mail address, and number of days the voucher is worth. After creation and assignment of a SA training voucher, the employee has 180 days to use the voucher before it expires.

Schedule: Employees can choose Broadview Networks who offers the courses they want to take.  To reserve training, employees must provide Broadview Networks with the SA training voucher details found in their voucher confirmation email.

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IT Pro Tip: One thing you must be aware of when upgrading to Office 2016

The time has come. You’ve read the information, you’ve had the conversations, you’ve crossed the last t and dotted the last i. It’s time to upgrade to Office 2016!

You’re halfway through the installation process when you get the following message:

“We need to remove some older apps. Some older apps don’t work with Office 2016. Before installing the new Office, we need to remove:…”

You may find previous versions (2013 or earlier) of applications like OneDrive for Business or Visio no longer work with Office 2016. But not to worry! Microsoft is working on the problem and, in the meantime, have offered a couple simple workarounds.

Option 1: Call Microsoft…

…or let a Microsoft partner like Broadview Networks take care of you. Office 2016 is all about being streamlined and easy-to-use, a solution can always be found.

Whether it be an upgrade to newer versions of the app, or even another option for a program that may add more value for your business, step one is always to talk to the source: we’re here to help!

Option 2: Use a workaround

Microsoft has created an official workaround that essentially creates a custom installation of Office 2016 for issues with OneDrive for Business. Working with a Microsoft partner will ensure that this fix is deployed quickly and easily.

Want to know more about upgrading to the powerful Office 2016? Call (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.

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IT Tip: What is HaaS, and how can it benefit you?

We do love our acronyms in IT: OS (Operating System), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)…but what about HaaS?

You may be slightly more familiar with SaaS – Software as a Service, sometimes called on-demand software. It’s the software licensing and delivery model in which your business gets software on a subscription basis over a network, and your managed services partner takes care of central hosting.

HaaS is a similar concept. It stands for, as you may have guessed, Hardware as a Service. In this model, your managed services partner owns hardware that’s then installed on your site. For a low monthly fee, you get access to hardware, along with installation, monitoring, and maintenance that suits your needs.

How does it add value?

As a small- to medium-sized business, HaaS can be incredibly beneficial for you and your organization.

Fiscally, it can be very cost-effective. For one monthly fee, built directly into your managed services contract, your hardware concerns are taken care of. Not sure if that state-of-the-art piece is going to work out? No need to spend thousands, with HaaS you can use hardware only so long as it works well for your needs.

In terms of work and expertise, it takes care of warranty and what-do-I-buy woes. Because the hardware is built into a larger managed service offering, your partner can tailor it to your specific needs. When it comes time to switch, there’s no need for you to worry about how to get rid of old hardware and install upgrades; your managed service provider will take care of it for you.

Want to know more about Hardware as a Service or Broadview Networks’ Complete View offerings? Call (204) 984-9897 or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.

IT Pro Tip

IT Tip: Public or Private Cloud – Which is Best for Your Business?

When considering infrastructure models for cloud services, there are three options: public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid cloud computing environment. But which service adds the most value to your organization?

Private Cloud

A private cloud hosting environment resides on your company’s intranet or hosted data center. All your data is protected behind a firewall, and all management, maintenance, and updating is the responsibility of your team.

If you already have extensive data centers, this is a fantastic option, as you can use your current infrastructure. Private cloud environment are also more secure, in general, and share fewer resources with other organizations.

Public Cloud

Instead of being hosted on-site, a public cloud environment hosts your data in the provider’s data center. A third party is responsible for management and maintenance, and the solution is easily scalable.

A public cloud reduces time and cost when it comes to testing and deploying products, and all data remains separate from others. However, some feel less secure, as a third party provider is in control of security (though instances of security breach are rare).

Hybrid Cloud

Not sure if all your applications and hardware are compatible with the cloud? Do you have certain systems that need a secure environment, with others that require scalability or affordability? Hybrid cloud environments allow for integration of some cloud offerings, without completely deviating from your current private environment.

The Bottom Line

When moving to a cloud environment, fully or partially, be sure to consider all the pros and cons of private, public, and hybrid. The cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it allows for specific creation of ideal environments based on your organizational needs.

Want to talk more about which cloud environment can add the most value to your organization? Call Broadview Networks to talk about Cloudview Solutions at (204) 984-9897, or email solutions@broadviewnetworks.ca.

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